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MEDIATION, INC. was founded in 1991 by the first certified mediators in North Carolina and was the first firm in North Carolina formed specifically to offer mediation services to the business and legal communities as well as to families going through divorce.

All members of the firm are certified by the NC Dispute Resolution Commission to conduct mediated settlement conferences in both the State and Federal courts of North Carolina. Together, firm members have conducted over 10,000 mediations since mediation was introduced to the courts in 1992. Law firms, businesses, and other professional firms now seek the services of Mediation, Inc. to help them resolve business and commercial disputes without having to resort to litigation. Divorcing couples and their attorneys utilize the services of Mediation, Inc. to resolve the financial issues involved in the dissolution of their marriages and to help constructively reconstitute their families.

Andy Little, president of the firm, led the efforts of the North Carolina Bar Association to implement mediation into the courts of North Carolina. He served as the initial chair of the NC Bar Association’s Dispute Resolution Section. In addition, he also served three terms as a member of the NC Dispute Resolution Commission, the body which certifies and regulates certified mediators in the court system and was the Commission’s chair by appointment of the Chief Justice of the NC Supreme Court.

The firm has extensive experience in mediating many types of cases, including, but not limited to,

Administrative Law Health Care
Business & Corporations             Medical/Dental Malpractice
Class actions Professional Negligence
Construction Zoning and land use
Contracts Motor vehicle/Personal injury
Employment Products liability
Environmental Workers Compensation
Family & Divorce Insurance
Collections Property/Real estate
Personal injury Wills/Estates

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