Federal Courts

The Federal Courts of North Carolina began using mandatory mediation as its preferred ADR option shortly after the Superior Court program started in state courts. The Middle District was the first to adopt the state model. The Western District followed soon thereafter. And the Eastern District started using mandatory mediation around 2005. All of the federal programs follow the state model as far as the selection of mediators is concerned: the parties have the right to make that selection. And, as in the state courts, the mediators are private providers of mediation services and are paid by the parties.

The members of Mediation, Inc. have mediated in the federal court programs since its inception. And we would be honored to serve you in cases that are ordered to mediation, whether they are commercial controversies, patent claims, employment disputes, or injury cases. Fill out our contact form to the right to let us know that you’re interested in having us assist with the settlement of you case.