Pre-Litigation Mediation: Before You Sue

Increasingly, business people, and divorcing couples are utilizing mediation as a way of resolving disputes, and their attorneys are suggesting that they try mediation before they incur the time, expense, distraction or heartache involved in the litigation process. Mediation, or if you prefer, negotiations facilitated by a neutral third party, is now a mandatory part of the court process in civil court in North Carolina.

It’s something everyone has to do if they become involved in a law suit. So why not do it now?! Why not take control of your dispute, and your future, and suggest to your attorney or client, to involve a mediator early in the dispute in order to manage it and help create an orderly way to resolve it?!

A trained and experienced mediator can help you turn an ugly dispute into a problem solving discussion or turn a bitter battle over money into a civilized and cost effective negotiation. We are ready to help you with that process. Contact us today at 919-967-6611.